Nothing relaxes the senses more than soothing smells & tension dissolving touch. Tap into both these senses with the relaxing floral bouquet of Shalom herbal tea blend, and a Lavandula Body Oil, containing nothing but Bulgarian Lavender - the classic oil for relaxation and insomnia. 

SHALOM 25g - Calm and tranquility in a cup. Gently inhale the comforting, soothing aroma of Shalom, and feel your anxieties dissolve, and inner tension unwind. Helps relax the nervous system and prepare your body for a peaceful sleep. Contains: Chamomile flower, Lemon balm, Lavender flower, Scullcap, Stevia. 

LAVANDULA 100ML - The most versatile and nurturing of flowers, Lavender has a way of deeply calming and comforting all she touches. This high concentration, single note body oil envelops you in its ethereal, floral-herbaceous aroma. Use as a relaxing massage oil or body moisturiser. Massage into clean dry skin for a healthy glow.