~ certified organic ~ caffeine-free ~ premium loose leaf ~                       ~ prepared in small batches ~

We all enjoy a cuppa. Infuse some dried leaves in hot water, and a few minutes later, voila, a comforting brew to enjoy with good conversation or a light bite. Easy to prepare, we drink tea daily, often several times a day. What if this simple, unremarkable act could enhance or improve our health, or prevent illness? 

Our Loose Leaf Herb Tea range was created with this intention - to offer a convenient, enjoyable way to benefit from healing herbs in your daily life. Herbs possess a wealth of health-giving properties. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and countless healing plant compounds.  Each herb has its unique nature, taste and health benefits. Drinking herbal infusions as a lifestyle is a simple step towards feeling and looking good.

Our Loose Leaf Herbs are available as Simples (Single herb) and Synergies (Lifestyle blends). 

We are what we repeatedly do. It is said that success is the sum of small habits, repeated day in and day out. This is also true of health. The foundation for good health is cultivated day by day, cup by cup.

To abundant living,


Alina Uchida,                                                                                                                               Clinical Herbalist. Founder.